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For a decade NADI LOVE has toured the US, Scandinavia and big parts of Europe with different choirs performing as lead singer at numerous charities, social and elderly organizations such as RED CROSS, CHILDREN's DAY and THE DANISH CANCER SOCIETY.

As a music artist and theme song composer, Nadi Love has written theme songs for international cultural events such as COW PARADE COPENHAGEN. NADI LOVE also often participates and supports charity events such as Angel Ball hosted by GABRIELLE's ANGELS FOUNDATION and founded by Denise Rich.

FILM theme songs


My life passions. Something I really love, I am inspired by and drawn to. I have a big heart for charity work and support different foundations. This is also something I have participated in as a solo artist and through my gospel choirs. Writing music and singing for cultural organisations also enables me to use my music to help cater to minority groups and endangered territories as a result of climate change.

Animals occupy a  big part of my heart and I have a strong urge to support their well-being and I believe we have a duty to prevent critically endangered species from being wiped out.

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