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Nadi Love is an independent artist who intentionally useher music to inspire hope & faith for a better world aswell as she combines her songs together withmotivational speaking...

From a young child Nadi Love knew she wanted to sing and write musicabout her hope and belief for a better world, with a need to servein the name of love, and taking part of positive change in the world,she has for many years taken part in renowned american-gospel choirsin europe.

Nadi Love's first experience with the global music entertainment business wasin New York when she was discovered by a Sony A&R Executive downtownManhattan - this rapidly led Nadi Love to a meeting with former Sony MusicEntertainment Chairman at their New York headquarters where she was offeredto collaborate as a solo artist and songwriter.

For family reasons, Nadi Love soon after had to postpone her professionalmusic career to care for her family. This sudden turn in her life led her to write"Lady Blu", her first solo album, that is in production now in 2024.

(Unplugged) Believe in you Nadi Love

Nadi Love and Kirk Franklin



                   ADI       OVE is an independent multi-artist, singer, songwriter and executive producer with music at her core. Honesty, integrity and divine love are her main beliefs and she uses music to communicate her feelings and emotions to the world.

Nadi Love has always been very conscious of the power of music and the influence and impact we can have through our melodies and lyrics and the messages we influence our listeners as songwriters and singers, Nadi has always known and felt the importance of being mindful of the words and messages she sends out through her music and intentions as she believes that we are influencing the world through our music whether consciously or unconsciously, whether positively or negatively and that it is important to take a stand as a songwriter and singer about what we want to color and communicate to the world through our sound and lyrics.

Nadi Love was born in Denmark on December 24th into an artistic and very open-minded loving spiritual believers in God (We are One) but not a religious family, with her mother being a Danish musical actress in the musical HAIR and her Noth african-Danish father being a well known big band lead singer and percussionist in Paris in the late-seventies before Nadi Love was born.


From the age of 5, Nadi Love started singing in a children's choir, danced classical and Jazz ballet and knew already from a very young age that she wanted to sing and write music about her hope and beliefs for a better world. With a need to serve in the name of love, she pursued her inner calling, followed her intuition and at age 16, Nadi Love started traveling throughout Europe working as a fashion model while attending the music academy Atlat in Paris. During this period Nadi Love also toured the US and Europe with the famous gospel choirs “We are One” and “Kefas”.


Nadi Love has been highly influenced by artists of divine styles and genres such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, George Benson, Bobby McFerrin, Ray Charles ,Frank Sinatra, Barbara Streisand, Earth Wind and Fire, Luther Vandross, Kirk Franklin, Donny Hathaway, Shirley Bassey, Dionne Warwick, Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin, her mother and father amongst others.


Nadi Love writes her own lyrics and melodies and works with renowned producers and musicians such as Omar Lye Fook. Nadi Love's upcoming debut album "Lady Blu" has been written in the remembrance, love & light of two of her greatest inspirations – Nadi Love's beautiful beloved Mother and dear friend & teacher Dr. Wayne Dyer♥, Stay tuned


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